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Why are we all so Tired and Stressed?

May 17, 2018, Author: bluesky6478

When I do talks, workshops and group sessions I often check in and ask people how tired they are and how stressed they feel.  I am always struck by how many people will identify that they are tired and how much stress people admit to feeling. These are both clearly big issues for us personally […]

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Death by a Thousand Cuts …. and How to Avoid it

May 17, 2018, Author: bluesky6478

Death by a Thousand Cuts …. And how to avoid it I have been working with a number of clients who have asked me to come in and help them. They have not been very specific about the issues but they know something has to change. The products are good and well received in the […]

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Demystifying Mindfulness

November 17, 2017, Author: bluesky6478

Demystifying Mindfulness We have heard so much in recent years about Mindfulness; how it can improve creativity, positively impact on team dynamics, reduce conflict and improve stress management. It seems to be to go to technique for Management Development and Leadership programmes. The questions though are many. What exactly is it? How can it apply […]

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If it requires Will Power it isn’t for you

September 5, 2017, Author: bluesky6478

In my experience too often clients confuse will power with commitment. “If I am forcing myself to do this I am committed to it.” In reality this conflict illustrates a lack of commitment at the deepest level within ourselves.

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Change Management – The Illusion

May 5, 2017, Author: bluesky6478

We cannot manage change; we can only embrace it. We no longer live and do business in a world where we can readily predict the behaviour of employees, customers and society at large over a period of time. So when we look to change we cannot know what it is we are looking to change […]