Managing Our Wellness

March 20, 2020, Author: bluesky6478


These are undoubtedly difficult times and for many of us facing into unchartered territory can be very unsettling

I have been asked how we can manage this uncertainty and the particular pressure we face so I thought I would put together a list of tips

  • It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

We need to frame this in a wider context. So when we hope to have kids back in school in a few weeks or scheduled meetings go ahead in a few weeks we are setting ourselves up for disappointment as they are unlikely to happen. We are also clinging on to the old normal and seeing this as a short inconvenience. We need to get ourselves comfortable with letting go of the old normal, accepting and welcoming in the new normal. We could be here a while so…

  • Be Grateful

While we may be hoping the kids will go back to school soon or we can visit our vulnerable loved ones we should be looking at this through the prism of gratitude rather than resentment. We can be grateful that we have time with our kids, that our loved ones are well, that our daily commute is reduced, that we are polluting less. This small change in outlook is extremely important. It focuses on what we can control ….

  • Control our reactions

We cannot control the events that have impacted us. We can, however, control our reactions. We can choose and decide to be resentful, to be angry, and to judge others for their behaviour or we can choose to be grateful, to seize the opportunities; more time with family, time to learn a new skill or hobby, time to sit still. We can cultivate a practice of creating an environment and routine that works for us. We can cultivate an outlook of support and care for others. The reactions we practice now will create the new normal after this has passed and show us who we can be.

  • Look for the Helpers

We can be surrounded by bad news, social media exaggerations and fear. Alternatively, while we respect the pain that is here we can look for the helpers. We can look for the good news, for those who are working to help others. We can communicate and surround ourselves (virtually!) with those who look to be positive and take positive action. It is the light that will defeat this virus literally and metaphorically – the UV sterilisers in hospitals or the warmth of summer will help in practical terms. The light and positivity will help us through this. Attaching to others light bearers / helps will reduce the isolation, help us find our way and give us something to look forward to

  • Practical Tips
  • Follow the sun as much as possible – Get to bed and up early. Especially if you have kids it’s great to get up before them and have some “me” time even if just a quiet cup of tea.
  • Set a routine – Try to set and keep a routine – If working from home finish work, put it away and create a distinction between work and home.
  • Get exercise – Get out at least twice a day for a walk, cycle etc. Even if it is raining, get a jacket on and get out
  • Do something new every day. Use some of the time in the reduced commute to do something new – try yoga, baking, cooking, a new language. There are enormous resources on line to do all of this and more or read the book you haven’t had time for.
  • Ring your Uncle Fred or cousin that you said you’d keep in touch with at the last funeral you went to! Call an old friend you have lost touch with, see how they are. Connect, Connect, Connect
  • Volunteer locally – Can you deliver food or medicine or just phone someone to let them know the community cares


I hope these help and if you need any support just drop me a line or call and we can set up a call.