Business Coaching For Teams


Taking the mystery out of coaching

We help clients understand that coaching is simply the art of allowing the coachee have a conversation with themselves. It is a process to uncover drives, ambitions, motivations and fears all to define and reach achievable goals

Understanding the process

We introduce the tools required

We work with clients on the frameworks that will work in their organisation. We look at the details of individual and group meetings, coaches and mentors and how it all fits within the organisation structures and existing management processes.

Starting the conversation

What does coaching look like?

We work with clients to enable them to start the conversations between and coach and coachee. We review boundaries and confidentiality to ensure everyone feels safe in the process. We look at the commitment required, the environment, the questions that can be asked, the outputs that we wish to see. We create the behaviours to drive a coaching culture

Working through this programme helped us to deliver something greater than the sum of the parts