Mindfulness Coaching for Business Leaders
Workshops and Retreats designed for Business Leaders
Fully Present; Fully Engaged

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is quite simply  a dynamic, positive engagement with our daily lives. We have developed a range of exercises to enable both the mindset and habit of engagement, curiosity and fulfilment.
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About Mindfulness


These truly transformational experiences enable us to re-energise and dramatically restore the ease in our lives. They are One or Two Day Residential Retreats taking place in peaceful, simple surroundings designed to give us space to reconnect.
The practical techniques we experience ensure we leave fully empowered to positively engage with our life.


These workshops are intense and ground breaking enabling teams to dissolve many layers of learned behaviour, to turbo power senior teams through empathy and understanding. They introduce and embed a new experience of appreciating and communicating within the team and delivering a coherent effort that maximises resources.

Tailored Programs

We tailor programmes with individual clients and organisations to suit specific requirements. The programmes are tailored to address specific issues such as individual or collective performance, team building, communication or embracing diversity. We work with the client to decide appropriate venue, timescales and powerful communication around the programme