Authentic Leadership for Businesses

Supporting Leaders

Creating Space

Every leader needs silence

We create time and space for leaders to take a break from constant input; to allow them to digest, order and process all that is going on around them. This allows them to stay centred in the chaos of even the most well run business


 We all need support and guidance

We create a confidential and safe environment to allow a leader share their hopes and fears; to be honest, not just with us, but with themselves. This honesty allows any stresses or obstacles to be named and identified. Once they are out in the open they become manageable.


Darwin did not talk of survival of the fittest

Rather it was survival of the most adaptable. We help clients understand and work with this principle to continually evolve and learn. In accepting the constancy of change we embrace all the opportunities that present themselves to realise our own potential


Each programme is tailored to the individual

  • Flexible times and locations
  • Specific Individual issues addressed
  • Ongoing support or specific intervention as required
  • Virtual Option available

As we went through a period of huge change working with Stephen helped us remain calm and focused resulting in a positive result for all

Walter MacDonough