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Letting Go, Adapting and finding our true story

Intensive 6 week Coached Sessions

I don’t need to remind you how challenging this year has been! We are now coming down off an adrenaline high having dealt with the immediate impact of Covid 19 on our business, families and old certainties. 

In this programme we look to develop awareness. A awareness that allow us understand whose life we are living, what serves us well and doesn’t; an awareness of how we fight with ourselves and the world around us trying to live the life we “want” rather than the one in front of us.   


This programme is open to coaches and non-coaches alike. The material will be helpful and interesting to both. In these sessions we will all learn from each other and our experiences.


  • We will meet on a Monday night for 90 minutes – 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm on Zoom
  • We will be a group of 8 or less
  • We will start on Monday 12th April and finish on Monday 17th May

Booking Confirmation

As numbers are limited can you please confirm attendance by Monday 5th April


In these sessions we will learn more about ourselves, our patterns, how we are coping with Covid and what stops us being the biggest version of ourselves.

The format of these sessions will be a mix of shared experiences, 1:1 coaching and some theory/observations

  • Exploration of specific topics each week e.g. recognizing patterns, dealing with expectations, dealing with Archetypal forces
  • A look at individual and specific challenges i.e. each week we’ll work with one person to understand the coaching process and see how we can all apply this in our lives
  • A time to learn how to be compassionate with ourselves
  • Define how we can help others on their journey and when we can’t

We create a powerful shift in our behaviour to enable us to create the environment we wish for and to be ourselves.

  • A greater confidence to let go of patterns , behaviours and focuses that do not fulfil or sustain us
  • An enhanced ability to look at events with objectivity and perspective
  • An enhanced ability to deal with setbacks, challenges and opportunities
  • A greater awareness of our own strengths and weaknesses and our impact on others
  • A greater ability to recognise and optimise others’ skill sets through interaction, coaching and empowerment
  • Greater control over our own thoughts, emotions and actions
  • A greater ability to create the environment we wish for ourselves and those around us
  • Improved performance in our professional lives and greater satisfaction in our personal lives


The investment is €250 for the 6 sessions.