Authentic Leadership for Businesses

Developing Leaders


What we do is not important ..

Who we are when we are doing it is vital. It is this which delivers authenticity. The techniques for self-awareness and objectivity are embedded where they become a key part of the leaders style and decision making


We do not learn about ourselves… we experience ourselves

As the exercises are experiential they become embedded, a part of how we operate and lead. We experience our effect on others, identify our own behaviours and patterns. In discovering this we begin to understand our authentic self


We work with nature and familiar archetypes

On these course we do not have to learn something to learn about ourselves. We use experiential tools and archetypes people are familiar which and which resonate with them. In using the breath, folk tales , movies and nature based techniques the sessions are direct and easily understood. These visceral experiences guide us long after the course is over

We do not learn about great leadership…. we experience it