Tailored Programs

Naming It

Identifying what we wish to address opens the door


In mindfulness the process is all about bringing awareness to something; an action, an emotion , a challenge. When we work with clients to design these programmes we  find the very process leads toward the solution to the issue they are looking to address.

What can we work on

We work with a range of issues …

We help clients address a range of issues within themselves or their organisations

  • Stress Management
  • Teamwork, Trust and Communication
  • Leadership
  • Managing Diversity

Making it Happen

We work with clients to deliver

We work with clients on venues, geography and timing to ensure we can deliver a robust programme around their schedule and specific needs. We work across Ireland and further afield to accommodate a range of needs and address a range of challenges

Stephen has been working with mindfulness and mediation techniques for the last decade with thought leaders from around the world. He has developed specific techniques that combine this ancient wisdom with his corporate experience to deliver real impact in clients’ lives