A chance to Recharge

We cannot serve others until we serve ourselves

It is simple physics that our battery must be charged before we allow others draw from it.

We work with and in nature to recharge our batteries. The mindfulness, meditation and other techniques we use ensure we leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and at ease with ourselves and the world around us.

Time for you

Immerse yourself in Ireland’s natural landscape to rediscover yourself

This is a time for Digital Detox and Rediscovery. The space we create allows you to listen to yourself again. We create  time to remember who you are, to assess your priorities and reignite your passions.

Adapted for you

We create a safe, confidential environment with programmes run across the country. Each programme tailored to participants’ needs and provides individual attention and interaction with others sharing the same experiences and solutions.

Stephen has been working with mindfulness and mediation techniques for the last decade with thought leaders from around the world. He has developed specific techniques that combine this ancient wisdom with his corporate experience to deliver real impact in clients’ lives