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Evening Talk – How do I maximise my energy?

February 1, 2018, Author: bluesky6478

How do I maximise my energy? How is it some people are full of energy while others seem to have none? What separates the positive people from the negative ones? How can I distance myself from the “energetic vampires” and fine people who will inspire and enthuse and help me, in turn, to inspire and […]

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If it requires Will Power it isn’t for you

September 5, 2017, Author: bluesky6478

In my experience too often clients confuse will power with commitment. “If I am forcing myself to do this I am committed to it.” In reality this conflict illustrates a lack of commitment at the deepest level within ourselves.


Why I’m not OK with “It’s OK not to be OK”

April 12, 2017, Author: bluesky6478

While any attempt to get us to face up to our mental health issues and enable more open, helpful and supportive conversations and actions to take place should be, and is, welcomed, there is something at the heart of this campaign that will ultimately see it fail. Quite simply it is the idea that those […]