Authentic Leadership for Businesses

Management Teams

Building Trust

We cannot function as a team if trust and respect are absent

We work with teams to identify and overcome any barriers to trust. Often we are not aware of our own biases, judgements and filters around our colleagues. We break down any barriers with a series of exercises in which clients experience others feelings and beliefs to enable them to better respect their colleagues

Delivering Improvements

The sessions deliver real benefits

These progammes deliver individual and group actions whether changes in behaviour, or specific activities or letting go of behaviours and activity that no longer contribute to the team’s goals. The mix of short and long term commitments ensure the learnings are deeply embedded and deliver immediate and sustainable benefits

Unique Approach

Stepping outside the Comfort Zone

The approach in these programmes ensures participants do not view them as another day out or a box to be ticked. The experiential exercises, the work in nature and our entire philosophy ensure participants engage fully, openly and honestly. In a very gentle way we challenge all participants to give their all.

What Clients Say