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Death by a Thousand Cuts …. and How to Avoid it

May 17, 2018, Author: bluesky6478

Death by a Thousand Cuts …. And how to avoid it I have been working with a number of clients who have asked me to come in and help them. They have not been very specific about the issues but they know something has to change. The products are good and well received in the […]

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They are Core Skills; not Soft Skills

April 5, 2018, Author: bluesky6478

      It is somewhat surprising that, as I work with individuals and management teams I am still frequently asked to look at the soft skills and what we can do in those areas e.g. “we should probably do something around people or leadership.” They are treated as “nice to have” rather than “need […]

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Self-Awareness – The key to unlocking everything

April 5, 2018, Author: bluesky6478

How much time do we invest in ourselves or our team to help increase our awareness? This one skill and behaviour is the key to unlocking the information, tools and techniques in all the other training courses we attend or experiences we have. It is self-awareness that delivers better team work, communication, stakeholder management, customer […]

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What’s on senior managers’ minds?

January 22, 2018, Author: bluesky6478

Fulfill Your Potential – What’s on senior managers’ mind? In this blog we look at what senior managers are telling us about the challenges they face and how we have worked through them on our workshops. People come to this workshop to gain clarity on specific issues such as career change or ongoing challenges such […]

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Change Management – The Illusion

May 5, 2017, Author: bluesky6478

We cannot manage change; we can only embrace it. We no longer live and do business in a world where we can readily predict the behaviour of employees, customers and society at large over a period of time. So when we look to change we cannot know what it is we are looking to change […]

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Fight, Flight or Freeze – how is your company reacting to these challenging and stressful times?

April 6, 2017, Author: bluesky6478

We are probably all familiar with the idea that animals (including humans), when under threat, respond with a Fight or Flight impulse. We either seek to disengage from the situation or we seek to repel the unwanted intruder. In reality there is a third recognised response – Freeze In this response we freeze either to […]