Mindfulness Workshops


These workshops allow for us to see the wood for the trees; where are we on our journey

These workshops are delivered in a nature based environment. This allows us to look back at our lives, careers and businesses with objectivity and clarity. Are my habits and behaviours or those of colleagues serving us well or holding us back; are we all aligned in the business?

We develop a framework to answer these questions and more.


Life (and business ) is simple

We strip back and simplify the issues, re-energising and refocusing. When we deal with the big issues the other take care of themselves.The use of experiential exercises ensures the learnings are embedded and valuable long after the event itself.

These tools constantly bring us back to what is important and ensure we do not fall back on old habits but constantly refresh our behaviour to enable our core values and achieve our goals

Clarity and Insight

Seeing the wood for the trees also means seeing the detail of the bark; its colours, patterns and vibrancy

The mindfulness techniques ensure we value and respect all our colleagues’ skill sets and experience and behaviours. It enables us to see beyond our own bias and comfort zones to truly embrace the resources we have around us creating an environment that is respectful, dynamic and sucessful

Stephen has been working with mindfulness and mediation techniques for the last decade with thought leaders from around the world. He has developed specific techniques that combine this ancient wisdom with his corporate experience to deliver real impact in clients’ lives