Personal Development

Senior Roles, Senior Challenges

In many cases the more senior the role the less the support

We often find senior leaders find themselves isolated. Their direct reports may be unwilling or unable to provide feedback and insight and their own manager of often geographically distant. How do we reach out for support, objectivity, a sounding board?


We are not the only ones!

We work with leaders who feel they are the only people facing the challenges they have whether the responsibility, the unique nature of the role, the lack of established road maps or the constant needs of staff

The programme reminds participants of the well of knowledge and ability that lies within ourselves. We work with simple, experiential tools to help participants create a life of ease and fulfilment. Participants learn a series of techniques to help us to understand how to be co-creator of  our life.


The programmes draw on our experience

We work with clients on helping them share their concerns, stresses and challenges. Often, naming and discussing the challenges allows us to see the solutions. We identify ways of supporting ourselves and developing support and connection in our own organisation and others’

What Clients Say